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Selenium Web Driver Online Training with Live Projects

We are offering the best Selenium WebDriver Training  to the course seekers. We have very proven track record in delivering online selenium training to the desired candidates across the world in different countries. Our experienced trainers update their technical skills to teach students. Our training will give you confidence in handling projects and solving the different types of automation testing challenges. This is the cause for fast grasping of our students with easy learning of automation testing. Selenium is the automation test tool for web based applications with additional features like playback option. Selenium course has different components like selenium IDE, selenium RC, selenium web driver and selenium API and it has the capacity to work on different types of browsers. With the exceptional knowledge you gain through online course you are able to choose the right component suitable for the project. Selenium is one of the flexible tools of automation testing and allows customizing easily for your application. We cover most basic topics to critical concepts of selenium like as below:

  • Overview of Selenium Webdriver.
  • Introduction to automation testing.
  • Various components of selenium.
  • How to identify the object.
  • Selenium architecture.
  • How to create selenium environment.
  • Overview of selenium frameworks.
  • Automation life cycle.

We start new batches every week you can join immediately by booking your demo class.  Giving interview support and technical support post training in an interactive way with face to face interaction through online.  We provide training that enables you to address the challenges incurred while working on selenium projects. To get deepen practical approach; we conduct workshops and seminars with top Selenium Online Training professionals from international testing consultants. They’ve also contributed valuable and highly technical oriented articles and guidelines to perform test frameworks with stipulated results and predetermined standards. Virtual student labs and online assignments will definitely prove their caliber to work on selenium projects. We have a team to prepare your resume to submit to the jobs and we’ll give you a copy of interview questions as a part of job assistance. 

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